The Goal of Scuola dei Bambini is..

The development of a complete human being oriented to the environment and adapted to his or her time, place and culture. The adaptation involves the capacity to meet new situations and to have the intelligence and courage to transform them when change is needed.

Today we might define this goal as the preparation of children to live successfully in their world, by which we mean the future, rather than to live primarily in ours, which is the present and the past.

– Based on the Origin and Theory of Montessori Education

Why Montessori?

We try to develop the Child’s:

  • INTEREST to LEARN – leads the child to fruitful and meaningful learning by showing and providing them rich materials and lessons.
  • REALITY THINKING – that stirs their imagination and leads to creativity
  • Continue SELF – CONSTRUCTING by building good self image and leads to self-confidence
  • Need to build CONNECTIONS in what he is thinking and reasoning power in what he sees around him.
  • SOCIALIZATION SKILLS – to communicate effectively to others (Good conversationalist) as exposed to various group activities
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE – they extend their learning and awareness by serving the community through outreach programs and educational trips (or exploratory learning)
  • SELF DISCIPLINE – Sense of valuing oneself, others and his divine creator