Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,

I wish that while you are reading this message you are in the comfort and safety of your home. Easter Sunday is the answer to our new life and the risen Christ will remain with us forever and ever. Let us not despair for He is with us.

Hello everyone!
In this very trying moments in our life right now, we in the community of learners and educators have never stopped in thinking, learning and planning, reinventing techniques and processes on how we can deliver education to our beloved students.

Education with compassion amidst covid 19 pandemic is our priority. Whether the delivery of learning would be made into something we are not used to do like distance education and online learning — education will have to take place and be delivered from the school to your homes in the coming school year.

Living in this VUCA world where everything is so uncertain is a difficult thing to accept. We are living in uncertainties and this is a great challenge to us.

This will spell new challenges in the delivery of instructions from the school head to the teachers and from the teachers to the students and parents as well. This is the time where we need utmost care, understanding and patience to one another as we try to bring out the best in every child through the NEW NORMAL way of life that we are experiencing right now.

Scuola dei Bambini is in the midst of collaboration with e-learning providers and Learning management systems experts that would strengthen our management system in this coming school year. Although we have started online learning even before the covid 19 landed in our community, still we are and most of our students and parents are new to this modalities in teaching and learning. We need more engagements to the different ways to do distance education, blended learning without forgetting the essentials of social distancing and health awareness in this pandemic.

We shall be offering online remediation classes in different subjects of concern, speech therapy sessions, and shall cater also to online admission assessments from May to July. This will help our students be more occupied and engaged in different learning areas while at home.

The school is also going to create Bambini Hangout /Hall or corners of various online activities that will enhance values formation, skills development and social awareness, giving assistance to other students. The parents shall be invited to be part of this online Bambini hangout/hall. The parent’s corner is one of the features of this platform and it will be carried out by demonstrating expertise and skills of parents that maybe helpful to our viewers and the community. We shall be launching the values challenge or the virtue challenge that would create deeper creativity and reflection among our youth and to all our stakeholders.

We are officially closing our school year this April 30,2020.

We plan to open classes by the second Monday of August and will end on the first week of June. Delivery of instructions in the first three weeks will be online mode and the face to face shall commence by September if God permits. We need to group students per cluster when we do the blended learning to prepare them for the face to face learning with specific time and schedule.

It is very sad that our graduating students in the 6th grade, completers from the 10th grade and children from Casa moving up to the formal education shall not commence this year. It is with deep regret that your group have been affected by this covid19 pandemic. No Promises, but we will take the chance if the condition allows us to hold the ceremonies on August when we start the school year.

This school year 2020-2021 would be an abnormal year from what we were all used to have for two decades to count. Let us have this mind set that this is the New Normal situation that we need to accept whether we like it or not. With this, we beg your indulgence in assisting your young ones from Casa to lower elementary during online classes. This is the time where our real partnership will be exercised genuinely. Patience and understanding is the key to all these.

Our gatherings may not be possible this year and celebrations may be dampened, the camps and outbound tours may be virtual in nature this time but rest assured that the education of our students will remain to be our priority and will never be compromised. On top of every lesson learned — what is most essential is not the texts in the books but how we integrate those lessons learned to the development of real life skills that would prepare them to the real world.

My dear parents and students and teachers the battle is here and we shall fight positively to win this challenge. Bambinians let us remain resilient, strong and mindful of our cura Personalis ( personal care). Let us do this in the spirit of magis in this moment of trials.

We hope that you are all in safe condition as we always pray to the Giver of all. Keep safe Bambinians and remember we will win this battle in God’s Grace within us.

I remain,

Albina Gutierrez,PhD
School Directress
Scuola dei Bambini, International Montessori,Inc.